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  • 350 watt power supply

    hi everyone im new here an im gonna put a PC in my car this summer. I want it to be a awesome one so this is what i have planned
    AMD athlon xp 2600 processor, Asus Motherboard, 512mb ddr Pc2700 ram, Ati all in wonder radeon 9000 video card, internal or external DVD rom drive, 120 GB hard Drive, a normal sized tower in the trunk with a 350 watt power supply.

    Anyways my question is aboutt he power supply to hook it up what exacly will i need? I was thinking a power intevertor with a surge protector and plugging my power supply into there. Now my question is will i bea able to run the PC with the car off without it draining my battery? I want to be able to do so so i dont know if i should get 2 real good batterys or what. Also I want to be abel to make a switch up in the front of the car to turn the Pc on. Thanxs for your help im new so bear with me i ahve read a lot of the posts

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    First, Welcome to forums!
    Second, before you build your computer, ask yourself, what will I use my carputer for? What is seems in your setup, you could play call of duty, flight simulator 2004, top of the line games. I know some people want to have the best of the best, but if I was you, I will rethink the whole carputer and make a good plan.

    My recommendation are here: Start with paper and pencil (or pen). Write down what you will use your carputer for. For example, GPS, TV, radio, MP3, DVD, games, DIVx, Internet access...etc...the list keeps going....Then using your computer knowledge, ask yourself whatever the purpose of your carputer, what parts will be good for it.

    If you still plan to use the parts you listed, it is very nice, not a bad choice. However, keep in mind that size is a factor, I know you will be putting it in the trunk, using a normal sized tower, I don't know. Someday you might need the space in your trunk to load something up and that case will be on your way. Why not use a mini-atx board and case? Since you will only be using un AGP slot and maybe 2-3 PCI, why get a normal size tower?

    About the power supply, there are different choices, like many people say here, the best so far out there is can visit their website at -They don't sell it off the web, you need to email the guy in order to get the price. These power supply are special and have advantages over other, however the price of these PSU are from $150-$200 depending if you get 90W or 150W. The biggest one is the 150W, it may sound small the number, but you can do a lot with the 150W. You can even power a P4 system. What are the can check the forums for that cause there are sections on Power Supplies and all about the OPUS.

    But a quick listing, it has the shutdown controller (it will shutdown your carputer after xxx minutes after you turn the engine off) The carputer will not reboot when you crank your car, and it will boot your computer automatically when you turn the switch on, you can also put a switch instead of wiring it to your ignition. There are other features but this is the best feature it has.

    The idea of the inverter is the cheap and easy way to it. However, if you stop for gas, you will need to turn your computer off, wait for windows to shutdown, get gas, then when you get in, turn it back on...etc... Unless you wire the inverter directly to the battery, however it may draink your battery someday or shorten your battery life. This might work, but with an OPUS, its hassle free. Maybe its ok to turn the power off without shutting down your computer once in a while, but you might kill your HD, Windows system files someday. For some reason, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc...may a option called "Shutdown". If nothing will happen, like some people say to power off the mean way, then I don't think we will ever need that "Shutdown" menu.

    Yes you can run your PC with the car off but not too long. First it depends how much stuff is running and how much power it is using. a 350W PSU, 120GB HD, RADEON 9000 Video card, AMD XP 2600, that is a lot of power that you will be using. I don't recommend it unless you have a seperate battery, but you will need to charge it when the car is on. Making a switch in the front sounds easy and is easy, you need to find a switch and a longg wire. By the way, I recommend an external USB Dvd rom drive, it won't make sense to have an internal one in your trunk and have to stop your car or have someone go to the trunk to change a disc.

    And you are missing the most important piece. Monitor, how are you planning to control your computer? Using touchscreen? What size are you planning to get? How are you planning to install the LCD screen? Go to the section of LCD Display and you will learn a lot from there. Most people get the 7" Lilliput or Xenarc, because they have VGA input, Composite is not as good as VGA in quality sense, so think and make a good plan before you start building.

    Thats all, hope this helps.


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      Brutal...nice response. Why don't you go post this in the FAQ area also. We could point a lot of people to it as it comes up quite a bit.


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        ya i was thinking of getting a 7 inch LCD screen this one actually either that or a 5 inch PS1 monitor but i want it to be good quality so i havent decided that yet. I suppose i could hook up a volts guage in my car so i would know when i need to turn the car on for a few seconds to charge the battery but i would want to be able to run the PC with the car off. i thought about the mini atx thing ect but i dont have much experiece in buiding those small types of computers obly the bigger desktops. Im sure it wouldnt be much different putting one together but I could put that PC together for around $500 where i have no idea how much i could put a mini one together for and not have it be as fast and dependable. I have a huge trunk so im not too worried about trunk size. So If i built a regular desktop i could probably get away spending $800 total. I was thinking of running two optima yellow top batteries in my car which i will have in the trunk.


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          Sorry for hijacking the thread a little, but does anyone own/know of the screen MasterJacko96 refers to in the above reply? I was thinking of one of these for myself but was concerned about the brightness in comparison to lilliputs etc!



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            The lilluput screen is probably one of the brightest screen...I have one, I don't know about the one MasterJacko96...I think it is a good screen, you shouldn't have any problem; however it doesn't have touchscreen kit.... It says it is a 250 nits...compared to 400 nits to the lilliput. Some people do complain that the lilliput is pretty bright at night, but it all depends, you can control brightness so no big deal for me. I recommended getting one with touchscreen...why? If you don't get a touchscreen one, changing the music, channels, etc...will require you to use a remote or will make it harder while driving. I have the lilluput touchscreen and it works very nicely with MediaEngine and MediaCar.