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switch mode power supply design help

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  • switch mode power supply design help

    electronics gurus to the rescue... please

    heres the situation. one of my friends has a honda shadow (cruiser bike). he wants a radio on it to play his fake ipod. he wants me to help. sfter grilling him on how he is going to kill himself searching for songs... i reluctantly said that i would look into it.

    so, the options as i see it are:
    1. car radio with marine speakers... aux input. no way, too much equipment to mount/hide/secure. plus it would look terrible
    2. fake ipod to car amp to marine speakers. getting a little better here, but still have to worry about mounting the amp somewhere, and making it water proof.
    3. premade solution... ala this one nah... too much money
    4. make it myself to replicate the one in option 3... sounds like fun

    so, to power a couple marine/outdoor speakers, i figure i can get away with 15-25 watts per speaker. not super powerful, but lound enough. the only problem now is figuring out how to power the amps... diy op amp circuits ususally need 25 or 35 volts (+ and -). i see SMPS to be the only way, but i have NO experience with them.

    anyone out there have some help for me??? i have no real incentive to put in tons of hard work as this isnt even for me, but i thought i would look into it to see how hard it might be...

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    How about this switch mode power supply kit.