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How to test a Sproggy 2.7

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  • How to test a Sproggy 2.7

    I find the search function of this board strange.... it's like if you search for two or more words, like "test +sproggy" you get nothing.... if you search for "test sproggy" you get everything with either word in it... well I digress...

    I am trying to test two Sproggy 2.7 PSU that I built for proper voltages, before I plug them into MB's... Don't care to fry any expensive hardware.... One only has the ATX power plug attached, the other only has the Drive Power connectors...

    Anyhow, finally I am getting to my questions...

    How can you hook up a Sproggy 2.7 to a battery and test the output voltages???? Ofcourse I realize connect the 12VDC+ to the non-coil side of the relay, connect the 12VDC- to the coil of the relay and the 12VDC switched to the other end of the coil of the relay....

    Now what do you do with the Power Good and the 5VSB.....

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated.... Thanks in advance.

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    The search form for multiple words would be "search AND sproggy". Can't find the page that says it now, there used to be one. That search turns up loads of pages.
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      ok im i dont know what u said about the realy stuff but get a 12V battery to test connect the 12dc+ the the 12Vdc+ on the bat and the 12Vdc- to the - on the bat now put a wire between the green wire ont the atx connector and anyblack wire and it should turn on. then grab your dmm and check that the yello is 12 the red is 5. and the rest are what they are mennt to be. that should do. could be wrong becuase i dont know mutch about the sproggy but that it how i tested my normal pc power supply.