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One more time: Will this car adapter work?

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  • One more time: Will this car adapter work?

    Hi All,

    To clarify my earlier post: these are the specs of a car ADAPTER which can be used with the PC that I am getting (i.e. it plugs into the power supply). It is sold from the same manufacturer as the PC, so I'm sure it works (generically) in a car, but I know people here know more and can add their opinion. The adapter specs are:

    Output Voltage +16V~24V
    Output Current 7A Max or 120W Max
    Input Voltage DC 11V~16V
    Input Current 12A Maximum
    Line Regulation 0.5% Maximum
    Load Regulation 5%
    Ripple & Noise 300mV Maximum
    Efficiency 88% Typical
    Temperature Coefficient 0.05%/_
    Over-Voltage Protection 28V Maximum

    Does that look OK to everyone as far as it hooking into the battery? Any issues with it? Would I need anything else between it and the car?

    Thanks in advance,

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    With a input voltage of 11V~16V then yes it will work in the car. It might not be enough to keep it running when you crank the engine over the car's electrics drop to less than the 11v minimum input.

    What's more interesting is what CarPC you are getting that requires 16v~24v. Please give details.
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      well, i searched high and low, read all the stuff here for a few weeks, thought about P4 vs. VIA, build my own, etc. and finally just very simply ended up here: I plan on mounting it in the glove box, and should receive it this week. At the site above, under 'Accessories' is where the car adapter is listed.



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        Yeah thought as much.
        I believe that this is the same manufacturer of the power supply that I'm getting from falken (it sure as hell looks the same too )

        The only diff is yours outputs 19v at 3.16A to match the Latte PC whereas mine will output 12v at 5v to match the Morex DC-DC board I have.
        My CarPC install piccies