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Help with SFF Compaq Power Supply

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  • Help with SFF Compaq Power Supply

    Hi, I have a compaq sff deskpro that I'm going to use for a carputer. Here is a picture of the case The model number is DPENS-P300/3.2/W5 US. My problem is that I want to connect my DC-DC power supply to the mobo, and it has a proprietary atx connector. The power connector to the motherboard has 14 pins. I looked on the internet and skimmed the mp3car archive but couldn't come to any conclusion. If anybody has any ideas I'd be very appreciative.

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    I found a thread on the internet about a guy who wants to use the 14pin compaq power supply for a standard 20 pin atx mobo. Exact opposite of me. I'm just looking into which pins on the 14 correspond to the pins on the 20. Damn colours.


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      So i tried the pin layout as posted by petemal2000:

      pin one is the one on the bottom left.

      1 = 3.3v (says 3.5 on the diagram but should be ok)
      2 = 3.3v sense (probably wont need this)
      3 = Ground
      4 = 5v
      5 = Ground
      6 = 5v
      7 = Ground
      8 = 3.3v
      9 = -12v
      10 = Fans off ( probably wont need this one either)
      11 = PS On ( wont need this)
      12 = 5v aux ( im guessing this is the standby power, just connect it to 5v)
      13 = Power good????
      14 = 12v

      I get the following results:

      1. Power light on motherboard comes on
      2. Pressing power button results in a click over the computer speaker (no power light)
      3. After pressing the power button a few times I could smell something burning from around the computer speaker.

      I could use a little help. Thx

      By the way I am powering this with a Pw-70a.


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        I have just fit a M1-ATX DC-DC PSU to a Compaq EN SFF. Have a look at the pdf's it shows how i did it. I had to invert the PS-On signal from the MB because Compaq use positive logic to enable the PSU.

        Attached Files
        Car: Megane II Sport
        PC: Compaq Deskpro EN SFF P3 450Mhz
        PSU: M1-ATX PSU
        MONITOR: Lilliput 7" TS
        WiFi: 56g WIFi USB
        GPS: BU303 GPS
        AUDIO: VRNX001
        FRONTEND: AshInCar
        SATNAV: MapMonkey & D3
        OS: XP Pro