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Noises with 400w power inveter.

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  • Noises with 400w power inveter.

    how come there are noises when i hooked my laptop, xbox to my kenwood dash system with 250w amps thru my aux input by using a 400w inverter, but funny thing is that when i hook up psone, there is no noise.
    wonder everything that have fans will produce moises, and when i hook everything by house hold electric line....there are no noises at all.
    does anyone can help me out with this?
    thanks in advance
    hope i explain it clearly....

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    For issues with Ground loops. you may need to ground your Xbox or inverter better. It could also be a cable problem but I doubt that.
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      My problem solved when i found this ground loop isolator at walmart
      for $13 in store, it's worth every penny.
      kenwood dash, 400w amp with aux input, hook up my laptop thru the ground loop to aux input, no more noises....
      $20 for 400w inverter and $13 for loop isolator = happy old me...
      hope this help, thanks