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Problems with inverter powering up from SDC

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  • Problems with inverter powering up from SDC

    I have an inverter connected to Jeff's shutdown controller. When I turn the car on the SDC turns on, but the inverter doesn't come on (yes the inverter power switch is on). The only way to get it to work is to flip the switch off then back on.

    Any idea what could be wrong?

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    No one has any ideas? Do you think my power inverter isn't capable of turning on if it loses power?


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      If it's PIC (any mfgr.) powered it may not be set to automatically reset after losing power (brownout reset). So yes, it may not be capable.
      <-- works at Microchip


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        I had that issue, not that you likely care anymore. just searching old threads for a solution to my new issue.

        but I solved it, might not work for you though. my issue wasnt turning the switch on, but that the switch wasnt convenient, so I opened it up and soldered a second switch in parralel with it... in theory you could wire around the entire low voltage protection issue.

        another option may be to keep the power to it always on, it only needs to be reset after power failure.