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  • Relay question

    This might have been answered before, but here goes.

    I have an oldschool dc-dc power supply rated at 65 watts, I plan to use this to power external things like usb hard drives, gps, and anything else I need. I also have an ITPS...

    I want to hook up a standard auto relay, my question is I want to take the 12v off the ITPS and power my PC, but I also want to use the 12v out on the ITPS to trip the relay on/off switch (not the constant 12v in). Will this be ok? I'm fairly certain it will, just curious as to if the 12v switch on the relay has any major current draw...

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    Yeah, it should work in theory. Relays don't have any real current draw, they work on electromagnetism with a coil.


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      Relay coils draw about 100-200mA at should be OK with ITPS