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newbie questions about power supllies

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  • newbie questions about power supllies

    hi. im new here and still wondering what to buy to set up my own carputer. there are a couple of things i dont get about the power supllies.
    you all seem to support the opus but i find it kind of expensive (opus + shipping to germany = whole pc).
    i saw the ITPS + PW-70a Combo on the mp3car store. what exactly do they do and do you need both? where is the difference between them and the opus?
    is it too bad to use an inverter? I found an 300/600(max) Watts inverter for 50 euros (about 60 Dollars). compared to an 150 watts opus for 180 it seems alright to me.
    i would appreciate any help since i really dont have a clou.

    thanks in advance,


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    Alrighty, everyone is going to tell you to use google and search for your answers. I'd suggest that in addition to what I'm going to throw out here, I don't have time to list everything and explain it all too.

    You need everything for a (mostly) standard computer. Alot of people will suggest a small form factor, low power board like the VIA M10000, laptop hard drive and CD drive because they have built in shock protection, everything else is up to you GPS, etc.
    Power is the big question on everyone's mind, alot of people will tell you to use an Opus because they are the best, don't take that advice lightly. Other options are power inverters or like you mentioned the PW-70a and ITPS thing. The PW-70 is for very low power applications, like the ones sold on If an opus is out of your budget completely I would suggest a setup with an inverter and an ITPS type device.
    Read all the threads though, read them often. This is the best way to answer your questions.


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      Hi, thanx for the answers, but you somehow misunderstood my question.

      i know about computers, but i just dont know what the ITPS or the PW-70a is in detail. of course i didnt find anything about that on google and on the explaination in the /store is just sais its a power supply (but how many watts dows it give?). after 4 hours of browsing through this board i wasnt any smarter either.
      it aint a matter of my budget but i just wanna make sure that the opus is the only or very best way before i spend almost as much for the psu as for the computer. after all i guess its gotta be an opus anyways.



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        What's PW-70 and ITPS threads:

        Power rating thread:
        Old Systems retired due to new car
        New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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          oh, thanx. i hadnt found this. so its gotta be an opus.


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            Originally posted by caterminator
            oh, thanx. i hadnt found this. so its gotta be an opus.
            I have said it many times, but Yes!, get an Opus!

            I have had all the prior options (inverter, Morex 55W - similar to the PW70A, etc) and now an Opus, and I wish I knew about the Opus sooner, rather than after having spent so much money on the other options!

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