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opus 90 watt, wire + fuse questions

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  • opus 90 watt, wire + fuse questions

    I have a couple of questions. I have seen people post wattage calculators but none of them were really specific to what I have. Can someone just tell me if they think a 90 watt will power this?

    lilliput 7"lcd touchscreen (hardwired)
    garmin 18 gps (hardwired)
    one of those cheap tigerdirect mobo's posted here a while ago
    syntax 635mp w/ integrated sound, video, processor samual c3(I know the processor uses ~12-15 watts)
    120 gb hd
    regular sized dvd rom in external case (usb 2.0, hardwired)
    usb 2.0 pci card
    256mb 2100ddr ram
    802.11b usb

    also I'm planning on installing this in a '02 toyota prius which makes the power supply installation a little different/easier than most situations. The prius is powered by a high voltage battery which runs the electric engine and such but has a small aux 12 volt normal car style battery which is a compartment in the side of the trunk which normally powers the lights, electronics, etc. Therefore I won't have to run wires from under the hood, thru a firewall, back to the trunk, i can run short wires from the trunk to the carputer in the trunk. My question is do I need to change the gauge of the wire or the fuse size recommended in the opus 90 watt manual (12 awg) because of the shorter distance? Probably won't be longer than a couple of feet.

    Thanks for the help.

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    nope, it's all the same