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  • Noob Here with a question...

    Okay. I am in the planning stages for my car computer. I am planning on using this:

    With the M10k mobo. My question is this... (and I did a search and just seem to get more confused so simple explanation please)

    This thing has a 60W internal power supply which appears to be similar to the PW-70A. Since it has no 12v drives, can I just wire it to the battery? If so, can I just use the ITPS as a shut-down controller? I know the 90W OPUS would probably be my best bet, but I am pretty sure it wont fit in this DIN sized case, and mounting it would be fun... Plus if all I need is a $38 ITPS to make this thing shut itself off when the key is off, that would be great. I am on a tight budget.

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    The ITPS will work with a M10k as a shutdown controller.

    The power supply should not be wired directly to the battery of your car. A car produces 13.6-14.3v not 12v. That power supply is designed for 12v. You would need to used the supplied power cord and an inverter. You can still use an ITPS with an inverter and the supplied cords.
    Your other option is an opus, the 90w opus is actually pretty small and while it probably won't fit inside that case, it would easily fit nearby.


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      Can you wire directly to the battery? I think the short answer is: you shouldn't

      The PW-70A requires 12V and passes that 12V directly to the motherboard (someone followed the traces on the board). I don't believe anyone has confirmed that the MB does not use the 12V line. I don't believe anyone confirmed that the PW-70 can properly regulate the 5v and 3V lines when the 12V line is out of tolerance. This may also void the PW-70 warranty.

      Some people have reported success. Search for terms like "wire directly battery bypass ITPS". In my opinion, there aren't enough positive reports yet to say this is a reliable solution that will work for most people.

      I'd suggest use the ITPS regulator with PW-70A. Bypassing the ITPS regulator really only buys you the ability to survive crank. If you want the computer to survive cranking, then buy an Opus.


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        Okay... thanks. So if surviving a crank is not necessary (my car is an auto, so it doesn't really ever stall and if it does, I have a problem more important than my computer having to re-boot) upgrading the power supply that comes with this computer to the PW-70A and the ITPS will be fine? It is much cheaper than even the OPUS 90w and should fit inside the case nicely I imagine. I just want the computer to boot on startup and shutdown automatically as well. I just need to figure out where to get the ACC signal from because for some reason my turbo timer keeps ACC power on the whole time the engine is running while timing down.

        So one more clarification thing. The ITPS wires directly to the battery? (And a ACC source) This provides regulated 12V power to the PW-70A. I guess I will try this for a while, and if it doesn't prove adequate, I will upgrade later on.


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          That sounds like a good start to me, the ACC wire to use is the one that goes to your stereo.


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            I kind'a figured. Except my Turbo Timer leaves power to my radio while timing down and running the engine. I would like the computer to power down when I turn the key off instead. I have the TT set to a minimum of 1min30sec where the engine runs after the key is off. I think it is something in the harness that I got from HKS, because I don't get this issue in another car of mine using the same TT that I just hacked the factory ignition harness. Thanks though for all your answers and for not flaming me. It seems in all the searches I have done that everyone's experience with the PW-70A and the ITPS have been different and I am confused as heck.


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              I have a turbo car also, and I am confused how I am going to wire in a shutdown controller. As soon as you shut off the key, the turbo timer kicks in and the PC wont shut down. At present I just press a button (wired to the MB) and it shuts down, before the turbo timer times out anyway. For now I just leave it like that.
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                or just...let it shut down with the turbo...will it kill it to stay on that extra 30 seconds?
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