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Connecting Ignition and Battery ITPS Wires

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  • Connecting Ignition and Battery ITPS Wires

    I just got my ITPS and PW70a for my EPIA board. The ITPS has two wires going to the motherboard on one end and three wires for power/ground. As a test to make sure everything works, will it hurt anything if I connect the ground to the negative terminal on my battery, and both the ignition and battery wires to the positive terminal on the battery? Or do I need to connect the ignition wire to an accessory?

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    What you've described is how I had mine hooked up.
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      So your pc is on all the time? Both ignition and battery are attached to the battery itself?

      Originally posted by BigRedBee
      What you've described is how I had mine hooked up.


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        it won't hurt anything. in addition one thing you might want to do is get a switch, a DPST with center off switch, and then have center be "off", one way be positive battery terminal, and the other position be accessory. then using this switch you can control what your PC does. you can force the computer to remain off (in the center position), force the computer to be on regardless of ignition switch, or operate normally.

        that's what i did. mind you my experience with the ITPS/PS has not been favorable, as it doesn't provide adequate power to the 12 volt line to power my hard drive. so, if you're using any 3.5" drives you need to be aware of that.