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Building new system, need power advice

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  • Building new system, need power advice

    I'm getting ready to purchase the PC part of my project.
    Asus A7N8X-VM
    Athlon 2500+
    512mb DDR

    I'd like to power the system automatically. From sifting through posts it looks like I need an Opus power supply. Which one should I look at that would be sufficient for this type of system. Any threads I may have missed about connecting it up for the auto/on/off feature?

    Lastly do I need to connect the chassis of the case to the frame in order to ground it or can I just mount it wherever and not have to worry about it?

    Hopefully I'm not repeating something that's already covered a million times. I just don't know the magic buzz words to get any good information from the search feature.
    2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP Sedan (Sold)
    2007 Scion tC Online Tracker

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    2 words: Opus 150