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What do I have to 'break'?

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  • What do I have to 'break'?

    Dear all, yes another newbie....

    I've got quite a lot of electrical / computing knowledge, however, my knowledge of car electronics is limited, so watch me make a complete fool of myself.

    Ok, so I'm planning on putting a carputer in my girlfiends brand new Jeep Liberty.

    If I put in a system that is neat and tidy, and gives her a vast number of MP3s and GPS navigation to stop her from getting lost, then all would be well. However, if in the process I trash her car, including screwing up electronics and stuff then I'm going to be ... well, in trouble.

    So, it would appear that the OPUS power suply is the way to go with automatic power on and automatic standby. I'm planning on putting the comp. in the rear (trunk / boot). So, the questions are:

    - what wires do I have to cut / splice to get this to work?
    - what is the recommended way of joining these wires?
    - what grade wire do I need (presuming 50 Amp wire)?
    - how about fuses?
    - Anyone with specific knowledge of the Jeep Liberty?


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    This would get more responses in the General Hardware Discussion or even better, General Discussion forum since your topic is more about carputer installation than power supplies.


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      Well, alot of that is discussed in the Opus intruction manual. 12 AWG wire, connected to the battery (for positive) and the closest piece of bare metal to the setup as possible. As for connecting the wires... that's up to you. I didn't solder anything. You want to fuse the thing individually, with a 10 or 15 amp fuse. (Get one of those in-line deals from AutoZone or something) The Jeep Liberty has a 1.5 DIN radio opening so you'll probably want to find a 1 or 1.5 DIN stereo with an AUX in.
      hope this helped.


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        For main power, I would suggest you use 10AWG wire or better (8AWG) is an idea. For remote turn on, 12 ~ 18AWG will be fine. Ground wire should be the same size or bigger than main power line and as short as possible.
        For main power, connect direct to the battery and the fuse should be within 18 inch from the battery.
        For remote turn on, just connect to the CIG lighter or ACC power line.
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          would it be possable to splice the power, ground and accessory wires that are on the radio and just use those or should i find a different grounding point? do i need to fuse the power and accessory wires or just the power wire?


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            You don't want to tap power off your radio, find a bare piece of metal to ground to, and you only need to fuse the main power. The ACC wire should be fused by your car already.