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Simple Idea for keeping power to inverter while cranking....

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  • Simple Idea for keeping power to inverter while cranking....

    Hows everyone doing??
    Great site going on here, and this is my first post. I have been doing alot of searching and read through all the people getting the dc-dc power supplies,tank circuits, hooking up ignition wire and power wires with diodes all to get their car pc to turn on. Then I thought of an idea, I havent seen this mentioned so Ill pass it by you guys and tell me what you think. I was thinking of using the power wire that feeds the ignition coil that every vehicle has. This line usually get power when the key is turned to the "on" position, and does not lose power while cranking, and keeps power while vehicle is running. You would just use this wire to trigger a relay that would then turn on you inverter, so you would be stealing very little power from the feed to the coil. This is obviously for the guys just starting a system(like myself) that want to use an inverter. I thought that was a pretty simple solution, what do you guys think??? Fern

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    If you are just trying out, that a way to go. Cost lots less than the DC-DC route.
    Check this thread for other option to have power while the key in the ACC position as well.
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