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Littlefuse Add-on Circuit

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  • Littlefuse Add-on Circuit

    Okay, the rated max for this is 10 amps...

    could I connect this to Jeff Muchas shutdown circuit and then into the inverter for power?

    Would this be enough for a 200 watt power supply and the usual accessories?

    If I did do this, where would the ground for the inverter attach to?

    Or do I still have to connect the inverter to the battery directly?

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    So basically another question is.. is 10 amps sufficient to run my 200 watt power supply, gps, some accessories, etc?

    The reason I ask is that Jeff Muchas shutdown controller max is rated 25 amps, and I read somewhere that 10 amps can comfortably provide around 1000 watts of power which is more than sufficient for anything i'd want to to run.

    the biggest benefit to this would be that i wouldn't have to wire my battery directly and not having to poke a hole in the firewall rubber grommit


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      10A at 12v is enough for only 120W. So the answer is no.
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        Ya know, I really hated the EE classes I took in College (I am a ME, so that stuff was foo-foo to me).....

        But there is one very simple concept that did stick with me, so anybody should be able to understand it...

        Watts = Volts x Amps


        1000 W = Volts X 10 A
        Volts = 100 V

        So yes, you could support 1000 watts with a 10 AMP fuse if you are using a 100V inverter, which I doubt....


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          The fuses holds blade fuses, so upgrade the fuse to a larger one....
          ...But then the wire becomes the problem, if the wire is not thick enough it won't take much more than 10A. So then you'd have to upgrade the wire, and then it's just not worth it!


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            whelp, i guess it would be enough to run the lilliput and to provide a power source that would start after ignition for the shut down circuit.