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  • AC, DC question

    I have my computer set up but have not bought a PSU yet. I am 99% sure going to get an OPUS DC-DC PSU.

    My question is what do people do when they pull their carputer out and want to hook it up to AC for software/hardware upgrades? Do you hook up your AC PSU or do you get an AC-DC converter and just hook it up that ways? Even with a wireless NIC I can't imagine never needing to take out the carputer for upgrades. Please don't jump my butt if I am suppose to posting this in the Newbie section...

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    ac-dc adapter works great for me.


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      Built my own AC-DC adapter from a battery charger. Works great for me.
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        or leave it in the car and build a PC for home MP3 playing...
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        Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

        Read the FAQ!


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          Thanks for the replies, I already have a computer for home playing Mp3's, I was just wondering what people did for the occations when they needed to take the PC out of the car to do upgrades or what not. Thanks!


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            I've used one of these.


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              I just use a spare AC power supply that I saved from an old computer. If you don't have an old one laying around, you can buy one for pretty cheap.
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