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Where is 2003 Jetta Ignition Wire?

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  • Where is 2003 Jetta Ignition Wire?

    I have the double din monsoon stereo in my car.

    I took out the HU and began testing the wires to find a wire that is 0v when the car is off and 12v when the car is on. But all I found were a bunch of constant 12v wires and one wire that goes from 12v when the car is off to 4v when the car is on...weird.

    Anyone know why I can't find one attatched to the HU? Will I have to get it from the steering column?

    Also, another question, where do I get the remote turn on wire for my amp?

    Thanks a lot for your help!

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    Just get it from the steering column.
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      im not 100% sure, but i dont think the VW's actually have one going to the radio. From stuff i read i seem to remember that they are signed to turn on via some other methed that has to do with the car immobilizer system. I believe you have to pic up an accesory lead from the fuse box.


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        the '03 doesn't

        there is a resistance code wire that sends a small voltage pulse whenever they key is put into the ignition....

        you can get an ignition wire at the fuse box...take apart the dash...remove the fuse box and turn it over....there is a wire there that will turn on and off with a key sense....don't know the color off hand...might be a yellow with a white stripe but don't quote me on that...

        does this help?
        Jan Bennett
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