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Question to all EPIA M1000 owners

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  • Question to all EPIA M1000 owners

    I've bought my self a EPIA M10000, and planned to power it with my Sproggy 2.5 PSU, but as you all know that is more or less impossible

    Know is my question how all you people that have an EPIA running in your car have solved the power-supply-problem?

    I know of the Opus, but that is just not an option at the moment, becous of my studies (money is where rare in my pockets )

    Sorry for the bad english, I hope someone understand my question


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    Check this link , car tft doesnt sells opus but has other solutions
    Here in Portugal we have great weather, lots of brunnets, party a lot,drink a lot....


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      I am using an Opus, and I have also used inverter and a Morex DC-DC PSU in the past.

      Hands down, the Opus is the best out of all the ones i've tried.

      I truely believe that you should save the money you've got, and add to it every week, until you have enough for the Opus. In the long run, you will save yourself money.

      I really think I need to put *Not working for Opus Solutions* in my sig, but i recommend it because I know it works!

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        OK, thanks for your replys!
        One more question:
        Am I right when I say that PW-** (PW-70 for example) doesn't regulate 12V?
        If so, can I take my Sproggy to supply the PW-70 with regulated 12V?
        Atleast until I get the money to buy an Opus or something...

        Thank you again, this would be very expensive if I had to buy everything to try it out for my self instead of asking you guys here!



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          Yep, the PW-** doesn't regulate the voltage.

          If your Sproggy can output 6A on the 12V line, then you can use a PW-70. If not...then no.

          Unless you have a Sproggy AND another power supply, believe me, wait a few weeks more and save your money

          Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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            OK, thanks for the answer!
            So I assume that I should do as all you people say, and get myself an Opus...

            Then we get a new question:
            Where do I get an Opus?
            In Europe is best I suppose, shipping from US is expensive, or am I wrong?

            Thanks again to all the friendly people helping me out in this funny (but expensive ) hobby!



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              A sproggy Mk3.5 has powered up an EPIA board with little onboard modification