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carputer newb, requesting advice

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  • carputer newb, requesting advice

    So here is the deal: I purchased a mini-itx barebones, with some ram and a dvd drive, i already have a 110 gb usb hd to use (hopefully it boots off usb drives). I also went ahead and got one of them Lilliput 7" touchscreens off ebay. So i plan on sticking my hd and this mini-itx computer (same size) in my glove box and the LCD somewhere on my dash (any suggestions appreciated, 98 grand prix gt 4dr). I also bought this generic 600W DC to AC power converter from Menard's.

    My questions are these:
    Is this converter safe to run a computer off of? If not, what is recommended as a power supply? I also checked out that regulator that is mentioned on this site/in the forums, so i suppose that is an option only if i purchase something like one of the other power supplies on this site?
    Will there be any heat issues with a usb enclosed hard drive and a mini-itx computer sitting very tight in a glove box?
    I understand that the Lilliput display i bought is apparently very bright, which i assume is quite bothersome for night driving. Since this has been mentioned several times in the forums, can i assume that there is no brightness/contrast settings on the thing? And if that is the case, has anyone found a solution for this issue?
    Also, one of these days i have this random dream of replacing my deck and my climate control panel with simply an LCD and a computer to function as both of those units. Has anyone ever seen some information/software/etc that would assist this goal? (mainly the climate controls, the deck deal would simply mean buying amp(s) for my speakers and hoping the outputs on the sound card of this carputer dealy will sound alright)

    Thank you for your time and, in advance, for any responses.

    P.S. Links to all the aforementioned products:
    Lilliput 7" LCD Touchscreen

    Casetronics C-134 Mini ITX Barebone (Black)