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Inverter with auto start PC and hibernation

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  • Inverter with auto start PC and hibernation

    I don't want to buy an Opus...but the auto on/off with car motor is very tempting...Is there a way I can do this with the inverter? What is the extra things I have to buy?

    Also...The fan noise in the cabin is very annoying...How can I improve this? Most of the's the Inverter fan that is very loud...Since I have the PSU and rest of PC in my Glovebox, the only expose device is the inverter.

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    I can build you a cuircut with all the features you require...Email me....

    As for the inverter fan noise cant say much try sparying something like the WD40 inside the fan might reduce the noise.



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      Could try replacing the fan with a lower CFM one, watch out for heat tho. I wouldn't recommend spraying wd40 in your inverter, might blow it up :-D
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