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  • New SDC

    Hey People,

    I know I have fallen off the face of the earth for a while, but I am working on a new SDC to replace the one I have been selling. (I am planning a wedding and I haven't had much time for this outside my full time job..) This one will solve the problem of the flakey startup pulse, as well as having more options on the Timers, etc.

    I would like to get some input on what people like and don't like about the old shutdown controller so that I can make this one better. I have my prototype here and I can adjust the "Time to Pulse" from 0 to 20 minutes. I have hard coded the ATX pulse length to 1 second because that is what most people set it to anyway. I wasn't planning on having an adjustable time to kill timer, I was just going to set it to 90 seconds.

    The old controller had the problem of not coming back on if you turned the computer back on when the time to kill timer was running. This would send the startup pulse again in that case because it is most likley that the computer had shutdown.

    Pretty soon I will have a really cool implementation. For now, would people be interested in beta testing these? I can build about 5 of them and I'll sell them for 25 bucks shipped. If they have bugs within these features, you can send them back and I'll re-burn the code for ya.

    Any thoughts?
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    MPEGBOX - Plexiglass Computer

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    Do people have a preference on the formfactor of the SDC?

    THis one is keeping with the old style having all the high power connections at the back and the ATX mobo connections at the top. The mouting holes are kind of random, but it is a 1 inch by 2.5 inch board. Do people really like the super slim formfactor or would more square be better? Do you want mounting holes on all four corners?

    MPEGBOX - Plexiglass Computer


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      count me in dude, I'm up for some beta testing.


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        I have one of the older models. I'd test a newer version


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          I have some prototypes ready to sell at a reduced price for testing

          This shutdown controller completely replaces the old one and has some new features, see the pictures in the previous slides.

          If anyone wants one and will provide me some feedback send me a PM.

          Micro Controller Controlled Shutdown Controller

          Variable Timer Control
          State indicator feedback
          Switches up to a 10 - amp load (15 amp peak)
          Reverse Voltage Protection
          Fuse Protection
          Over Voltage Protection (Load dump)
          Low standby power
          Failsafe Operation
          Pulse on Startup

          The microSDC has three main inputs (Vin, Gnd, and Vout) and two main outputs (Vout and Gnd)
          There is a jumper that gets connected to the Power button of the computer power supply to automatically press the power button when the AUX line comes on and press it again after a certain amount of user selectable time goes by (Time to Pulse)

          Here is a typical Scenario:
          The Vin is connected directly to the battery; the AUX is connected to the switched Ignition line. A DC-DC power supply is connected to Vout and Gnd. The Power supply is connected to the motherboard and the power button switch pins are connected to the switch header pins on the microSDC.

          The user selects 10 minutes of delay from when the ignition goes away to when the computer power button is pressed. The user does this by setting the pot to the middle of itís range. Fully clockwise would be 20 minutes, fully counter-clockwise would be 0 minutes of delay.

          When the ignition line comes on, the microSDC immediately connects Vin to Vout with highly efficient Steady State Mosfet Transistors (this is similar to plugging in your desktop PC). One second later it sends a 1-second ATX pulse (power button press) to signal the computer to turn on. The indicator LED turns to steady on.

          When the Ignition line goes off, the microSDC starts the main timer (time to pulse). The indicator LED starts flashing single flashes.

          If the ignition line comes on during this period, the timer will get reset to the value set by the pot (10 minutes in this case). The LED will also go back to steady on.

          Once the ignition line has been off for 10 minutes, the controller will send a 1-second ATX pulse (power button press) to tell the computer to shutdown. The microSDC will now be in a fixed 90-second countdown to kill all power to computer. During this countdown, the indicator LED will flash with double flashes to indicate it is in this mode. At the end of the 90 seconds, the microSDC goes into sleep mode where it only draws around 3mA of battery power. (similar to the amount your stereo clock draws). Likewise the LED is turned completely off.

          If the Aux line comes back on during this 90-second countdown (time to Kill) It will be ignored until the full 90 seconds have elapsed, then it will send the startup pulse and behave like described above. This totally prevents getting into an unknown state.

          It may be desirable to have an optional toggle switch connecting the AUX line of the microSDC in between the Accessory or ignition line. This would allow the user to not have the computer come on if he/she were making a small trip or didnít want to use it. Also, for inverter users, it would allow the user to turn on the computer after the car has started with heavy engine cranking that causes most inverters cut out.

          Optional features are being considered to be user selectable with jumpers like:
          1. Removing the pulse on startup.
          2. Also, when the ignition comes on you may be able to select instead of a one second delay, a 7? Second delay to allow for engine cranking to go by.
          3. Other fixed time to kill values (30 seconds??)
          4. Other timer values (0- 90 minutes)
          MPEGBOX - Plexiglass Computer


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            Count me in
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              Hi Zootjeff,

              This is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm interested in buying one. Please tell me how much and how to buy it. I will ofcourse provide you with my config and feedback on the device. [email protected]

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                Hi Jeff,
                I'm up for some beta tests also. I've a custom DC-DC PS without SDC. I'de like to try yours...

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                  Jeff, count me in... i have been waiting for you to come out with more of your original design.
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                    Would love to try it, gimme paymet info and ill send ya the dosh

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