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  • Before I start, Please help

    I tried searching, but there is just too much info, wondering if someone could help me out.

    Currently My Bench system (soon to be Jeep System) is a ripped apart Dell GX110.

    P3 850mhz
    512 Ram
    7200rpm 120gb desktop drive
    Onboard Video
    Onboard Sound
    Wireless Card (PCI)
    TV/FM Card (PCI)
    Lilliput Touchscreen.

    Now my questions:
    Of course the easiest way is to go the inverter route, but I would really like a decent power supply. I have been thinking about an Opus 150w, but would something smaller work? I would really like to same as much money as possible.

    Don't want the computer/screen to go off turning crank. I would really like for it to be able to stay on during key on ACC.

    What is a tank circuit? I have been reading about them, but I don't know what they are.....

    Could anyone recommend a good power solution for me?

    Thanks! Hardware hacking articles