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12V PSU and Shutdown controller for Gigabyte Brix

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  • 12V PSU and Shutdown controller for Gigabyte Brix

    My next generation of CarPC will use a MiniPC; specifically a Gigabyte Brix with a Celeron J1900 CPU. This little box needs clean 12V in and that's it, which seems simple enough.

    My only issue is shutting down. My current carpc is a netbook with a built-in battery, so it can sleep/hibernate when the car ignition is off, but this MiniPC won't have that option.

    Is there anything in the mp3car store that will help? I don't know if the PicoUPS, the DCDC-120W or a simple Micro Shutdown Controller are all I need.

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    So I've bought a DCDC-USB 100W power supply (available from the store here, and elsewhere). It has two wires which need to connect to the BRIX's power switch (i.e soldering a connection), but that's it. The PSU connects directly to the car's battery and detects ignition voltage to send startup/shutdown signals based on the timer settings, which are set by onboard jumpers. If battery goes below 11.2V it cuts off all power completely.

    Power output can be set from 5 to 24V, with 12V as a default. The output plug is a Mini-fit Molex connector, but that can easily converted to a barrel jack as found on a BRIX or NUC or other mini-pc.

    I'll try it out and report back for posterity.


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      So how did you go ?
      If I upgrade my VIA-PicoITX board I'll need this instead of the standard ATX multi-voltage supply from my M2-ATX startup/shutdown controller
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