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Opus 90w, heat problem and the heatsink

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  • Opus 90w, heat problem and the heatsink


    I've search through all the opus 90 threads and couldn't find an answer.
    Does the opus 90w heatup at all? I'd like to mount it so that my hd will be right next to it. Also that metal tray, is it a heatsink and if so does that get hot at all? Otherwise I'd prefer to loose the metal tray all together.

    I just bought the unit myself so I haven't tested it. I have used the 150w unit before and it didn't heat up in any sense and I didn't even put a fan to it, no problems at all.

    Mine needs to be updated.

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    It gets warm, how warm depends on the input voltage and the demand the power supply is under. The more overall work “work” it’s doing the warmer it will get. The metal tray is not a heat sink, it’s a case to protect the underside.

    Keep in mind that if you remove the tray take care to insulate whatever is under it. If it touches anything it will short out the power supply. Removing the tray voids your warranty.