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I search but I'm asking anyways. I need Power.

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  • I search but I'm asking anyways. I need Power.

    Ok I've read just about every post for the last 5 pages and I am still unsure about what I should get.. Here is what I want to do..

    My PC..
    Epia M10000nem
    512 Ram
    Laptop 30gig HD
    Laptop DVD Drive
    7" LCD with USB Touchscreen.

    Ok with the XM, GPS and TS I'm guying I'm going to have to run a USB (powered more then likely).

    Now I need power. I was just going to go with the Opus 150 but my install place has changed and the Opus would be a hard fit. The PW-80 would be perfect but I'm not sure it will do what I want..

    I'm not 100% sure but I don't think I'm going to hib the PC.. 20 second boot time isn't going to bother them that much (I hope) but that might change. I'd like to have the PC power on and off with out any interestion from me (Shutdown control) but would like to set it's timeout to atleast 30 minute or more.

    What are my real choices here for my gear and what I want to do? Do I pick up the Opus150 and have it a one shot deal or would I be better off getting the PW-80 and a Shutdown Control.. Since I'm not using the 12v rail I'm pretty sure I don't need to regulate it.. If I go PW-80(I really like the fit and wireless look of it) what is the best shutdown control on the market? I can solder well but I prefer to buy perbuilt stuff as I just don't have the time..

    Believe me I've done my and even ed.. I know most of the better stuff out there.. I'm just not sure which would be best for my needs and wanted someone who has them to give me some insight..


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    I don't think you would need the OPUS 150-watt for that setup you described abode. I would suggest you look at the OPUS 90-watt it's a lot smaller then the 150 watt and it would be ideal for your setup. It might fit in your case.

    Alternatively, the PW-70a doesnít regulate the 12 volt rail (I'm not sure about the PW-80). You would sell need some sort of startup/shutdown controller such as the ITPS, with the voltage regulation option disabled.


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      Opus doesn't list the 90 on their site anymore (at least I didn't see it) so I just assumed they stopped making in cause of the 150..

      Will going with a PW-70a and a shutdown control like the DashPC one give me more options then a straight up Opus? The DashPC shutdown control seems to have a lot of options with it.. With the PW-70a I would mount it how I want and have the control closer tp the battery (save on space).. So I'm guessing it will..

      I'm not really mounting it in a case persay.. It's going in my overhead console (where the sunglass and remote garage door openner goes).. With the PW-80 I would have just enough height for maybe a slim fan if needed..

      BTW thank you Zip-Lock for both the site and info..


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        i think they are currently backordered..the mp3car store says they will have them in may..


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          The 90 watt OPUS is still being made. It was designed to meet the reduced power requirements of the ITX form factor motherboards. It's newer then the 150watt OPUS so it hasnít yet made it on the OPUS web page (although it's been about 6 months). I will have both back in stock in the Mp3car store in about 2 weeks.