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Changing my position o the ITPS

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  • Changing my position o the ITPS

    After a long time of working with the ITPS and in the past posting some posts in favor of the ITPS and defending it when others were making points about it I finally have to concede that I was wrong on my first position.

    I still like the unit and it's size / price / ease of use but the 12 volt regulation just doesn't cut it for automotive use. As many of you guys have noted already sometimes the cars voltage output just isn't enough to keep the ITPS happy. Perhaps in a newer car with a better alternator it wouldn't be a problem.

    In my case the problems happen at night when I have the headlights on. If I'm cruising down the freeway I don't have any problems, but idle at a stoplight and the ITPS will reset. This I believe is from a weak battery that is being drained by the high current need and the alternator not being able to supply all of the needed current at the right voltage.

    So, to solve my problem I'll be ripping apart my car one more time and modifying the ITPS to disable the 12v regulation. Any body have a how to on this?

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    I think "shakes" know exactly how to do this mod and have done it before.