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3.5 laptop hdd on morex 60w

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  • 3.5 laptop hdd on morex 60w

    Sorry for "laptop" in the title... I was typing without thinking...
    Would a morex 60w dc-dc psu be able to power uo a 5400 rpm hardrive? The psu would only power this drive and a character lcd, wich would barely consume 200 mA, so I guess we could say the psu would only power an epia v8000a and that hardrive.

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    yes 3.5" 5400 rpm drives consume a max around 30 watts or so. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      30 watt seems quite high. The power supply can output a peak of 18W and 2 A at 12 V + and 22.5 W and 8A at 5 V +. On the 5 V side the suppled power seems fine. I know those drives consume both 12 and 5 V at the same time. I dont know how much the board consume 12 V power but 18W doesnt seem much. Does anyone know how much 12 V power a 3.5" hdd drive and an epia mobo consumes?
      edit: I just looked at couple spec sheets for a couple 5400 rpm disks and they use arout 1.9 A of 12V power and ,9 A of 5 V power. Since the board can only handle 2 Amps of 12V power, would it be safe to use it to power this drive? I just cant find how much 12 V powr epia board use. I read a couple post over the internet that they had tu put a resistor on the 12 V line of the psu for the minimum power use to be exceded. It seems that the epia boards don't even use 120mA of 12 V power (if they use any). Do the epia boards even use 12V power? if not, I would be safe.