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opus 90w wiring and computer wont shut

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  • opus 90w wiring and computer wont shut

    I got some questions about the wiring and setup

    My Opus 90w came with red, black and blue wire.

    I connected the

    red to battary with fuse 10.
    black to ground
    blue to cig lighter(tap into the lighter) Add a on/off switch in between.

    I am using VIA EPIA 800.

    I can shut down the computer, my ign also shut down my computer BUT it will start up after about 2 then, I am already out of the car.
    The switch I added does not seem to work.

    where did I go wrong?

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    In the manual for the power supply, there's a page where it lists a bunch of settings the BIOS needs to be configured for. Did you set every one of those? There are things in there like auto-power on that must be set properly.
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      Is the EPIA M-series setting and EPIA setting same? I got M-series instruction from Kris but I am using EPIA 8000. There is slight different in the BIOS. I tried to follow as close as possible even thou it is different. Let me go look into again.
      This morning I went down and found the computer is still on. It was running the whole night.