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Opus 150W Deep Discharge Question

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  • Opus 150W Deep Discharge Question

    Hi guys,

    I've been using my car mp3 player for a while now with the power supply hooked up to the ignition line. However, I got a bit annoyed with not being able to control when it went on/off so I've hooked up an external switch to the motherboard power button jumper instead.

    This seems to work OK for operating the computer but I was wondering if this could prevent the Opus from shutting down if the battery voltage dropped below the safety level? I'm not sure from the manual whether the Opus will shut down or whether it will just attempt to tell the motherboard to shut down (via the jumper wire that I removed).

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    i'm pretty sure itll cut power to the motherboard on low voltage rather than send a soft shutdown signal. But when you get to that low voltage you might not be able to crank anyway.
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      I believe it does BOTH. First it sends the soft shutdown to the computer. If the computer doesn't shutdown before an internal timer expires, it will do a hard shutdown. I don't know if this timer is fixed (hopefully) or the same one associated with ACC going low.
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        Thanks for the info guys,

        That sounds pretty much what I'd hoped - I was a bit concerned that it would only try a soft-shutdown and be left sitting there draining away



        p.s. Forgot to post my system info (pretty simply really, just an MP3 player) but it works ok on an OPUS 150 so here it is anyway:

        AMD Duron 1.2ghz
        Windows XP Pro
        256mb SDRAM (2 slots)
        60gb HDD
        Audigy Pro Soundblaster
        XA-300 head unit connector
        KeySpan InfraRed Media Remote
        Crystalfontz 634 40x4 LCD Panel + Bracket
        Custom MP3 software (I'm a programmer so I found this easy compared to the car stuff!)

        HDD/Case Protection:
        NoVibes Hard Disk cage (isolates noise and vibration pretty well)
        Bicycle inner tube coiled and attached to bottom of the case (works great as you can adjust the inflation to be just right - not too soft and not too hard)


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          OPUS DCX3-120x

          I have been using this PSU for a while. Often the CMOS flash on the mother board get erased and the CPU do not start. I have to select the default values of the FLASH to continue booting. Measured the shut down wave form on a scope and notice some transients. The Opus DCX3-120x do have some issue while shut down and may not work with some mother board. I replaced with M2-ATX and did a 24 hour burn-in test and now I do not have this issue.