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    I was thinking about possible small, lightweight AC-DC power supplies for in car PC applications. One of the smallest and cheapest power supplies I have run into is the power supply for a Microsoft xBox.

    The power supplies seem to have an ATX connector and 1 power connector for an IDE device. Might be suitable for some people's PCs.

    Does anyone know the output Watts from these units?

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    they use 100 watts max load i believe
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      I wouldn't be surprised if the pinouts on these powersupplies are different than the standard ATX pinout. Some DELL computers use different pinouts although they will connect to regular boards. If you do connect these powersupplies to non-dell boards, they will **pppzzz ZAP**

      I would check on some X-BOX mod sites to see if they pinouts are the same.
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        You'll find the pinouts different.

        In an early Sproggy thread myself and a couple of others go into some detail about the differneces...

        For a start there's no -12 on the Xbox. (makes sense becuase there's no legacy)

        It powers on differently, it power OKs differently...