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    I recently purchased a 300W DC Inverter to power my Dell Optiplex carputer. I tested it out last night and left it running for about 10 mins. The thing is that as soon as I switch on the PC the fan on the inverter comes on and runs constantly as long as the PC is switched on. I checked the cables and the body of the inverter itself and they weren't even getting warm. Is this normal for the fan to run all the time?
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    beware of the power of very stupid people in large groups!

    or by them selves

    ya well you kinda answered your own question it's normal most inverters run the fans all the time to prevent overheating before it happens


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      How about "beware of the power consumption of unattended power inverters..."

      I accidentally left my 300W inverter ON for about 5 hrs and it completely drained the battery
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        Out of curiosity, how many amps does your PSU draw? Should say somewhere on the PSU.