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Opus 150 and PW-70a powering one carputer

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  • Opus 150 and PW-70a powering one carputer

    I installed my Opus 150 in my case powering P4 Micro ATX/Radeon 7000/512 Ram/80G/Audigy/200mW 802.11b/PCI USB PC/one 60mm case fan, and added a PW-70a (100Watt) to power two additional 60mm case fans, an external USB hub with GPS, OBD, Wireless trackball receiver, touchscreen, and keyboard, the Lilliput screen, the rear camera, and an external USB DVD Rom. The PW-70a is hotwired to auto turn-on when power is applied by the relay, and the relay (with diode) is tripped by the Opus 12V output from an extra drive Molex. This seems to work fine. Can someone explain to me how this could cause damage to my PC? I seem to remember someone suggesting that this can cause problems somehow...

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    Well, as the 12v is unregulated (unless you also have an ITPS) then you could fry the PW-70 and/or components connected to it. Otherwise sounds OK to me.
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