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Power supply buzzing!

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  • Power supply buzzing!

    Right i am getting really frustrated with this problem and i am wondering if anyone can help, please!

    When the inverter is switched on and no plugs are are in it there is no interfearence coming accross oin the speakers but as soon as i plug the lead attached to my computers power supply in i get an emmense amount of noise over the speakers and it is coming from the computer power supply.

    it seems that the power supply itself is making a buzzzing noise. i thought that the sound might be removed by installing a ground loop isolator but no improvement was obtained

    does anyone have any suggestions on how i can fix this problem as it is extremely frustrating!

    i am using an 800watt inverter and a 400Watt Qtec gold plated duel fan p/s#

    thanks again!

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    Try two things,

    first plug the PS into an extention cord from the house, if the buzzing is present it is the PS.

    Next plug something different into the inverter, maybe a small portable stereo.

    This should tell you if it is the inverter or the PS. Once you know which part offends by buzzing we have a shot at fixing it.

    good luck and post the results.
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      I've heard that inverters will make a PS buzz due to the output of the inverter not being a good sine wave.


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        that is correct.

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