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  • which one is best?

    i searched for some tutorials on building atx power supply for car and found the following:

    the other 3 are attached pics

    please tell me which one of them is the best or if any other is better please direct me to it (please dont recommend me sproggy or opus)
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    please anyone reply!!!!!!!!

    please anyone reply to my question
    i have completed everything no only the psu is left
    i cant delay it any longer please please please please anyone REPLY!!!
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      Well, me I use the morex 60W. You can google it or find a lot of information in this same forum.
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        please help!

        thanks for the suggestion masch
        but i really (and i mean REALLY!) need advice on the schematics i posted earlier
        please anyone help me
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          why would anyone bother? only EXPERIENCED technicians will have the expertise to pull apart all that info and make something of it, let alone a power supply that will work, and every and i mean every PC has a atx power supply, that is different. Its just easier to go and biuld a sproggy or buy a opus or ITPS *shrug*
          I biult a sproggy, then bought a ITPS and used both, sold that car, and now im going to order one of those new 200watt ones when they come out (very similar to ITPS)
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            how can i build sproggy!

            please stimps (or anyone) send me a link directing me to the site where i can learn to build sproggy
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              MK-3.5 ATX

              MK-4 ATX

              Online Kit you can buy


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                200 pages long forum!

                hey durango kid help me!
                how am i supposed to get the required info if the thread is 200 pages long!
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                  Did you even read his reply?

                  Click on the last link -- look under power supplies.


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                    please someone reply to my first post
                    i really need help here, i need opinion about only on the solutions i have posted
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                      The first attachment appears to be only an ATX shutdown/startup controller. It appears to be functional as best as I can tell. I am somewhat familiar with the second attachment. It has no 3 volt tap, and will not power an ATX board. It also requires specialized chips and inductors and has no advantage over a "Sproggy type design. The third supply does have a three volt output stage, and will power an ATX board, but again requires a specialized transformer and Pulse Width modulator chip. It also appears to need a shutdown/start up controller, and from what I can tell, the one attached does not appear to be compatable. As was previously stated, unless you have the technical knowhow to design and build your own supply, you're better off building a Sproggy type supply from parts yourself, or ordering a partial or complete kit.

                      Hope that helps!
                      Walter Farmer
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                        the fourth power supply solution i posted in my first message is presslab's power supply. some people have told me that it doesnt work and some have told me it does. who shall i listen to? can anyone please provide me a correct answer? any other power supply (other than sproggy) will also do!
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                          Originally posted by stimps
                          im going to order one of those new 200watt ones when they come out (very similar to ITPS)
                          There is something coming that is similar to ITPS but is capable of 200 Watts? Link?
                          SeeYa! -Jim-