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ITPS as a voltage regulator

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  • ITPS as a voltage regulator

    Without reprogramming my ITPS I cannot use it because the start time of 5 seconds is way too low for my diesel vehicle.

    So... I would like to use it as nothing more than a voltage regulator.

    I was suprised to see that without any voltage on red there is nothing on the output. Does anyone know if I simply join red and white together the ITPS will just do voltage regulation. In line with the ITPS I have a switch, so I can use that to kick things off.

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    haha, im a little late but i just tried that i'm not gettnig any output on my ITPS whatsoever...i have 13.6v going on red and white and still not getting anything...even tried taping the white to the red after red was already getting power...maybe my itps is dead
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      i'd have to look at the schematic ... but for this to work you'd need to pull out the PIC IC and jump some of the pins there, so that the master power FET is always switched on when power is applied. Then your best bet would be to use a relay to supply power to the ITPS when the ignition is on.

      This isn't a very good solution tho, cause your PC will turn off as soon as the ignition is turned off. No shutdown time.

      Also, the ITPS doesn't make a very good regulator. When your ign is on but engine is off, you'll only see about 9.5-10.5v at the PC. not enough if you have 12v components.

      I've bypassed the regulator on my ITPS as it was giving me problems. I have no 12v components tho.
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