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Source of high-output alternators?

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  • Source of high-output alternators?

    I currently have a '99 Mitsubishi Galant ES V6 and I believe it has a 90A alternator. I've seen 120A high-output alternators for older model Galants but have not been able to find one for my particular model.

    I was hoping someone out there might know of a place which might have such a beast since I know the addition of a second battery bank soon to my vehicle which will be deep-cycled relatively often will definitely put a strain on my 90A alternator. And the last thing I want to do is burn it out.

    Thanks in advance for any help, comments, suggestions!

    [Note to Moderators: Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but couldn't find a better place for this question. Feel free to move/delete if inappropriate.]

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    I believe there's a place on the net called Ohio Generator or something like that. Use that name and google it and you may be able to find something. I didn't know they had Galants that weren't 4 bangers. I guess this is why Diamantes aren't selling for sh**.
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      Not sure if they make 'em for Mitsubishi's though.

      Good luck.



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        I just e-mailed Mean Green. I didn't see it in their catalog. Looking up Ohio Generator now.

        Also, I currently have an Optima Yellow (D34) top battery as the main car battery which is 55Ah. I will also have 110Ah battery-bank that will be isolated by a battery isolator. There are times where I know the 110Ah battery bank will be completely drained (to about 10.4 volts).

        How much stress do you think I would put on the factory 90A alternator if I didn't put some type of multi-stage alternator regulator or a higher-output alternator? I see that Xantrex makes a multi-stage regulator for alternators (and supports Optima batteries, on top of gel, AGM, etc).

        Last thing I want to do is burn my alternator out.