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All the solutions to the "power goes off when cranking" issue!!

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  • All the solutions to the "power goes off when cranking" issue!!

    Well, I am getting everything in order with my 2002 Lancer Carputer, and am planning it out well so far, except one hurdle.

    I have a PS2 and Sony Vaio (2.4ghz, BIG laptop) laptop hooked up in my car. The power is coming from a standard power inverter (I had to upgrade to a 2 outlet one, from best buy, where i work, because the other one couldnt support both ps2 and comp at same time). Everything is working out fine, and I plan to have a wireless numeric keypad and mouse velcrod to the dash. With the keypad, I can manuever to a few songs, and map a few keys, along with hitting a preassigned hotkey to pull the computer out of hibernation (it will be programmed to hibernate after 2 minutes of nonactivity and nopower from car).

    But, I run into the inevitable problem everybody does, and that is the cranking issue.

    I probably am starting a thread that is 30 times old, but I am sorry. I briefly searched, but am lazy.

    What are the main options for solving the cranking issue.

    I just purchashed this inverter, and would like to keep it, and don't want to spend alot either.

    What are cheap alternatives to going Opus and all of that.

    Is there some sort of radioshack parts I can throw together to briefly get the inverter enough power?

    I am pretty good at wiring and soldering, so please help me and walk me through this problem with diagrams and friendly assistance.



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    search for tank circuit or tank
    CarPC install is starting to come along again...


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      Opus - there is no substitute.


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        im confuzzled.....

        your laptop, which has its own battery, does not survive the crank?
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          If you using labtop, why worry about cranking problem?
          If you want to make sure the inverter survive cranking, check your car battery to see how low it drop while cranking. Once figure out, buy an inverter that has the working voltage equal to or less than the voltage drop from your car battery.
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            Get a battery with 750 Cold Cranking Amps.
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              Laptop isnt problem, however, PS2 is. Will a beefier battery really solve the problem? This is for a 2002 Lancer.