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  • Dc-DC power supply

    I have searched through the forums and I still am not sure which to get. I am leaning more towards arise because it is cheaper than an opus. Do i need to be itps if i get the arise and what are the major differences between the two. Also can someone tell me how to connect the PSU to my car I am still completely lost about that. Do I connect it straight to the battery or is there another way? I have a brand new car and I don't want to rip it apart too much so if anyone has easy solutions that wouldn't involve extensive amounts of ripping and cutting that would be great.

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    First of all, tell us what computer parts you're going to have. What motherboard, processor, etc. Also, what kind of extra devices do you plan to run (USB devices).

    Second of all. Wiring is very simple. You will run a wire from your battery's positive terminal to your computer. Make sure there is a fuse less than 18" from the positive terminal on the battery. Then, you will take a wire and ground it (find a good bolt on the chassis and connect the wire to it).

    If the power supply you get has a shutdown controller, you will run a wire from the accessory lead on your car (you can take either the yellow wire from the area around the ignition switch or the red wire off the back of your car stereo) and run that to whatever lead your power supply takes for accessory. This will tell the PSU when the car is on/off.
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      I am going to be running an atx mobo with a p3 processor, 5.1 sblive, 1 2.5 hdd, 1 laptop dvdrom, liliput touchscreen, usb hub, bluetooth usb adapter


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        WARNING: Do NOT take any SOLID YELLOW wire around sterring column or ignition key. The Solid Yellow wire are for AIR BAG/SRS system (Most car are wire code like that). Just tap to the cig lighter or aux power outlet.
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