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Smaller Inveter and Soft Shutdown Controller

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  • Smaller Inveter and Soft Shutdown Controller

    Hey, new to mp3car but not new to installs ive been working as a tech for quite a while. I installed a computer recently for the subaru north america demo car for the CEMA conv last year in los(wages)Vegas, this along with a touch screen moni made for the computer that took the place for the old pocket on the dash, this system ran along side a X-box and kenwood kvt-911dvd in dash unit with a 15" drop down in the rear.

    point of this thread (sorry for tyhe history lesson)
    Octanium power supply opt/shutdown controller

    smaller is better when installing this thing is built for a car and its noise power this is the soft shutdown controller this stuff so far has been idiot proof being that the subaru travels all over for demos with out problems

    anyways ive been reading these other threads and it seems that i read more questions then answers about opus so i figured i would throw this out for people to see

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    I'd be nice if they had a real spec sheet on it. The site barely gives you any information on the ps.
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      I'm using the shutdown controller and is it working perfectly.
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        sorry bout that go here for the PDF oh yeah BTW i was just reading another thread where ground noise was a problem and someone mentioned shutting the amp down with the PwrSup this soft shutdown controller has a aux line built just for this reason also if your using a factory head unit with a FM mod you can diode isolate the switched and relay the AUX into the head units switched + to keep the radio on untill the computer shuts off


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          This looks to be a legitimate alternative ... though perhaps slightly underpowered on the 5v rail. Also, it's too bad it (PSU and shutdown controller) doesn't have much of a price advantage over the Opus 90W.
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            under powered.....eeehhh maybe.
            they are working on a larger PS
            but this one PS was built for the ITX board so its got all the power it needs for the appp in wich it was built for. price advantge wasnt a real goal when builiding it, more so having a rock solid PS with no noise, or spikes to screwthings up.
            i think pound for pound this is a much better PS, and it wont fry you MB.