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morex car power kit vs. ITPS

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  • morex car power kit vs. ITPS

    So I did some reading on this morex car power kit:

    There's not much description about the 12V Regulator in the kit besides the fact that it will regulate the input voltage to ~12V. It connects to the morex psu with an independent cable and adaptor. If you want to take the cpu into the house, all you need to do is to swap out the cigarette input with the 12V DC adaptor. It seems pretty convenient for ppl who want a portable cpu.

    On the other hand, the ITPS is a voltage regulator AND a shut down controller. The added advantage of this shut down controller is that it will provide delays in time before cutting the power off from the mobo, which will allow proper shut down of the OS.

    So I started wondering, (if any of you have the morex car power kit) how does the computer behave with the morex car power kit when the ignition is off? Since there's no constant 12v source to the mobo (unlike ITPS), it will be a hard shut down everytime you turn off the car. It doesn't sound like a good solution in comparison to using a ITPS.

    Am I missing something here? I know that you can configure mobo and OS to hibernate or soft shut down on power loss. But since there's no constant 12v provided from morex regulator, there will be no time for the mobo and OS to perform such task.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong and express your opions. Thanks!

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    No one has an opinion?


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      I'd like to know if anyone has ever purchased the Morex car kit. How well does it work?
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        From the Logic Supply website:

        To power my mini-ITX in my car, should I use the ITPS or the Morex Car Power Kit, or both? Date: Tuesday 11 May, 2004
        FAQ Content:

        Whether you choose the kit or the ITPS depends on a couple of things. The Morex Car Power Kit requires you to replace the DC-DC board in your system and then use your lighter for the power supply. This is convenient if you want to be able to remove your system from your car, but it does tie up your lighter. The ITPS on the other hand uses the existing power supply in the case and requires you to splice into your car's power behind the lighter, still allowing use of the lighter. This is better for systems that are going to be permanently installed in your car. Both the kit and the ITPS provide a clean 12V with the regulator and the ITPS also has the added convenience of a power sequencer. So basically is comes down to how you want the system to function in your car. You need one or the other, not both.


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          I had a 60w morex in car psu set and sent it back in exchange for a opus 90w.

          It fitted nice into the case but the epia cl1000 would not post in the car or from the 12v mains adapter.

          The supplier tested it and found nothing wrong.

          the opus is working everytime so far.