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Dell GX260 SFF P4....will opus 150w work

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  • Dell GX260 SFF P4....will opus 150w work

    I obtained a SFF PC for free and wonder if an opus 150 will do the trick. Box is a Dell GX260 with Intel 845 chip set. P4 is listed as "Processor, 80532, 2.4G, 512K, 533, SKN, C1" on dell's site.

    onboard PSU is 160W Max output with +3.3v and +5v not to exceed 85w when "sharing".

    Input is 100-120v ~ 5A 50-60Hz.

    Now...I know someone will probably flame me but I am not sure how to calculate system draw at boot and idle (I have seen the epia calculator and must not be using the correct string in or something).

    Box currently has a laptop style cdrom and a 3.5 HDD. and 2 sticks 512 PC2700, built in Intel GB nic (845 chipset) which will be unused. 6usb 2.0 inputs and 2 1/2 height pci slots (one will be used for wlan).

    I know this is a dumb *** question for you guys and all I need is a yes or no...OPUS 150W will or won't work. If you don't mind elaborating, I would greatly appreciate but don't expect it

    Thanks Fellas

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    there's one calculator....


    At a quick and dirty calculation, it looks like a 150w Opus might be pushing the limits somewhat....

    Just my thoughts....


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      Here's a pretty good guide that talks about power requirements....


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        I am gonna yank the fdd and will likely swap the 3.5 drive for a 2.5 laptop unit so maybe I can squeze by with a 150.

        Thanks again for the inf (and not flamming)