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Regulating Power for LCD - What is best method?

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  • Regulating Power for LCD - What is best method?

    The Lilliput screens have these little "egg" regulators, but my screen (Starvision) didn't come with one. How do I buy/make one to protect my LCD during cranks (or do I really need it?)

    Or should I just get another ITPS to regulator power for just the LCD? This would be a pain and costs $35 more.. Plus it takes up tons of room. If the egg would work, I'd much more prefer to go that route, as you could imagine.

    Any ideas?

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    What is the input range of the Starvision monitor? If it is within the range of your car when engine off and running, you are fine just to plug it directly. As of blankout during cranking, well, just for a split second (and you have to turn on again), can you live with that? I am sure your answer will be yes if you have to go to all that trouble just to have the screen on during cranking and just a press of a button.
    In the long run, you should connect it to the 12V line of the PSU if it powerfull enough to run the LCD as well.
    I have the Lilli run in the car for couple weeks. The "egg" does it job well. I just plug it to the cig lighter and that cut off during cranking. After the car started, I have to press the button to turn it on again. Doesn't bother me that much, just annoying.
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      It says something like 11v ~ 24v input, so I think it should be safe to run in the vehicle, even during cranking. It has a fuse, so is that sufficient enough to protect it from an alternator dump if something happened and it spiked voltage for a sec??

      I don't mind about it losing power during cranking. I could probably build a tank circuit for that if it really bothered me..