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    As some of you know I was having an issue with my ITPS. You can read about my problem here: was great to work with but they could not fix the problem. They asked me to send my motherboard to them for testing so I did. Here is the email I got back:

    Hi Nate,

    First, I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to test your board. Your help was critical in finding out this problem...

    Second, please accept our apologies for causing such delay. We _FIXED_ the problem! Indeed, some initial PIC values were affecting non mini-ITX boards. The problem is fixed and it works with _all_ boards!

    Please extend our apologies to the MP3car forum. Starting Thursday we will start shipping the new code and we will replace the PIC processor, at no cost, to anybody that wants to do so. All is needed is sending an email to [email protected] with the shipping address. It might take up few days to send replacements.

    The problem was with the older ATX boards. (mine was a socket 7 board) So if you have one, and it does not work quite right, send them an email, and they will take care of you.

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    Did they say whats the exact problem was? I get a feeling the PIC output was just not initialised properly during first power up...but should work therafter.

    Let us know if you know more about the new firmware


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      Here is what he said:

      I hooked up ITPS and indeed, it is acting up strange (but not on modern boards -- mini-ITX, P4-type, etc).
      I noticed that your power switch is pulled up to 5V instead of 3.3V. I need to do more research on the capabilities of the open drain of the PIC controller and also test your board with our new ITPS + DC/DC which has a slightly different way of grounding the power switch.

      At first, I suspected a timing issue, but this is not the case. The PIC pulls down the switch to 0V before anything happens with the ignition!


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        Thanks for the reply Entcee

        Thats interesting to know. I have designed a shutdown controller based on PIC directly connected (through a resistor) to the M/B...seems to be working well on my test PC (Supermicro 370DLE Dual P3). I thought all board are pulled up at 5V.

        I guess it safer to use an NPN transistor to pull down for compatibilty reason.

        In that case they must have made some hardware change on your ITPS?


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          They said it was just a program change in the PIC. Not sure though, it is getting over my head


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            UPDATE :

            Just measured the test M/B input and it is pulled up at +5V. I know I have to add a 220 Ohms resistor otherwise the M/B lockup the PIC output to a low state. I read on the net somewhere that the PIC output locks up when the maximum current of 20-25mA is reached.

            I guess you can see if they have made some hardware mods, I just cant see how they can solve that just by using software though.

            Anyhow thanks for the infos