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  • Power Supply/Electronics Question

    On a molex power connector on a computer power supply there is 5v+, 5v-, 12v+, and 12v-. I was wondering why have two grounds? Can't 5v+ and 12v+ both uses the same ground connection?

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    GND is also referred as "common" both of those wires go to the same point, they are used just to distribute the load a bit, as to not get to much current on one single GND wire.
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      Dont confuse a ground for -12v because they are not the same. There are two grounds because of wire guage. Lets say the power supplies cable could only carry 1 amp before catching fire. If your device uses 1 amp on the 12v line and 1 amp on the 5v line, then try to ground through only 1 wire rated 1amp, you will be up a creek.
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