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  • alternator?

    hey guys. I have a mini cooper (classic) and am doing a project at the mo that is really cool, in which I am going to have a carputer. I think that my alternator gives out about 55Amps.

    I wanna get the via m10000 board and was looking at the different psus. basically is it worth getting the opus ones for the extra money or could I get the pw-70 and itps. Will the pw70 and itps cutoff when cranking? Are there many benefits of getting opus.

    any opinions


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    sorry I forgot to point out the main part of my question, is my alternator good enough


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      Wow now that's one small alternator. That one I can't answer because being as I only owned one car so far I never heard of a 55A altnernator. Anyhow my Opus 90W only draws 10A max that's including the screen, gps, mobo, dvd, hd, and 512 megs. Most likely your mini can handle that no problem.
      Mine needs to be updated.


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        I hope so, I am fitting gauges for volts and amps as well so I should be able to keep an eye on the draw too. Should rock though. having complete one off fibre glass dash for install!!