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Question about EPIA M and Sproggy 2.x

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  • Question about EPIA M and Sproggy 2.x

    I've got an EPIA M1000 and a Sproggy 2.x (2.5 I think...)

    I read somewhere that the problem with the EPIA M and Sproggy is that the
    +12V is to slow or something. So when the computer starts and looks for +12V there is no +12V... Am I wrong?

    If this is the problem, would it be possible to get some relayes (spelling?), that will be controlled by the +12V, and send the other voltages to the MoBo only when the +12V is ready?

    I'm sorry for my bad english, but I hope that someone understand my question, and maybe even have an answer to it

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    Check this out



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      Hi, and thanks for the answer!

      Yes, I know about that, and I think it is great what you are doing, but
      for the moment I dont have the time or the money to build the mk4

      So I still want to know if it would be possible to solve the problem with some relays?

      If it is the +12V delay that is the problem???



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        i know what you mean .. try this

        powergood = dont connect

        use 7812 linear chip with in4007 diode conneccted only for the mobo sproogy +12 also connect after the in4007 let me know the result



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          Yes, I've been thinking of doing that... But then I need to have my engine running to have my computer running, right?
          I want to be able to start the computer, then start my engine, kind of.

          I know about the voltage drop when cranking the engine, but that will not be a big problem, I think I can handle that. The only problem is how to get the MoBo to start with a Sproggy 2.5

          So you don't think it is possible to controll the power to the MoBo with one relay for each current, that wont supply any current until there is +12V coming out of the Sproggy?

          Thank you for answering my (stupid) questions, Mastero!