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  • Power drain on battery...

    I drive a Pug 206 and am working on a (pretty basic due to finances) carputer for the little sucker.

    I had a Seat Ibiza and ran a 150W inverter and an old P75 in it without problems, after a while i upgraded to a 300W inverter and a new pc... And I started to have some problems with my battery. Now I am pretty sure this was due to a problem with the car rather than the inverter as the problems remained after I removed the carputer...

    But just to be safe I'm wondering if any of you guys have run a simlar sized inverter on a similar sized car? Have you had any problems etc with it? Could the alternator handle running the pc, lights, heater etc and still charge the battery ok?

    all info is useful!

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    Same question ehre also

    Same question here (almost), does a 300W inverter drain the battery? How about when the PC is off?


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      When an inverter is 'On' but there is no load connected to it, the inverter will still usually consume a bit of power. Usually less than <1A but after a week or so if you don't use your car, your battery will probably be drained considerably.


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        I have the same question. But I have a ITPS/PW70A will that combo consume any when the computer is off?