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  • Inverter is Faulting

    I've been having an issue the past few weeks with my Coleman Powermate 400 watt (800 watt peak) inverter. Bought it for 25 bucks at Target. The problem is the inverter seems to fault periodically. The inverter is running to a cigarette adapter 4 way splitter which runs to the cigratte lighter port on the car. Also plugged into the splitter is my Lilliput screen and my radar detector. Sometimes, it seems it faults when I rev the engine to high or too fast. Is this normal? Any cheap way for me to get around this? Other than this issue, all I have left is to run a switch from the PC in the trunk to the front panel (so I dont have to get in and out of the car continuously to turn on) and I'm done. Btw, the car is a 2004 Honda Civic. Any ideas or suggestions, short of the Opus, extremely welcome at this point. Thanks again for everyone's help.

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    a Cheap solution is what you have.

    Inverters are not great to start with, and you have a cheap one.

    The answer is a good inverter (can still cause noise) or a DC to DC solution. Opus DC to DC is the right answer.
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    Read the FAQ!


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      I've used an inverter with no problems, OPUS is the answer if your not happy with the nitty gritty and youve got some money to throw around :P

      As for your problem, first of all 400W / 12 = 33.3A. This is WAY to much current to be going through a cigarette lighter 4 way adapter, let alone with your other appliances.

      My first suggestion would be get some decent gauge cable and hard wire it in to battery/chassis. As for the high revving, at higher RPM your alternator will kick out a higher voltage, you would need to measure it to see if this really is your problem, if the voltage goes above your inverters recomended value the it will struggle.
      Whats the inverters voltage range? And if possible find the voltages when your engine is off, idling and at high RPM.

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