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Overscan/Underscan when coming out of suspend mode

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  • Overscan/Underscan when coming out of suspend mode

    I recently bought and installed an Opus 90w and installed it in my Carputer ( ). I love it and it has totally changed the way I use my car computer. In particular, the ability to suspend to ram and have near instant "boot" times is wonderful, but I am having a strange small problem. Every OTHER time I come out of suspend, the display is slightly underscanned. If I suspend again, it comes back to full size. It literally just toggles between underscanned/overscanned (overscanned being near perfect for my display) every time you come out of suspend mode. Has anyone experienced anything similar, and if so, were you able to find a solution?

    I am using a Via Epia ME6000 MB and a Emerson 5" analog lcd display.